The 10 ways ionicPIM helps you get your PMD faster, cheaper & better

A tourist was sitting next to Picasso in a Paris café. She recognized the maestro and asked him if he could scribble something on a napkin, and said she would be happy to pay whatever he felt it was worth.

Picasso complied. He then said, “That will be $10,000.” “But you did that in thirty seconds,” the woman replied. “No,” Picasso said. “It has taken me forty years to do that.” 

We, at SpecialChem and Agilis, do not consider ourselves as artists, and building your Product Master Data (PMD) involves a meticulous process that extends beyond a mere 30 seconds.

But we know for sure that making complex things look simple, clean and obvious is a culmination of extensive experience across multiple fields, comprehensive studies, numerous successes and failures.

Our aim is to simplify the complexity and present your product data in a manner that is clear, intuitive, and uncomplicated.

Here is a list of the 10 things that ionicPIM provides to make your PMD a no brainer 

1. The Expertise to structure your PMD 

Over the last 20+ years, the SpecialChem team has meticulously crafted the industry's largest Product Master Data, encompassing over 350,000 products from 6,000 companies. This experience has equipped us with the know-how to effectively represent every type of chemical across diverse markets. Over the years, we have probably encountered all the mistakes you can make or imagine in this domain.

These numerous challenges enabled us to gain profound insights. We have directly worked with hundreds of chemical companies and we understand their product information, their markets, the way they sell and most of their data usages. We make this concentrate of knowledge available to our PIM/PMD Clients.  

2. The expert resources & AI-tools to edit your product data 

Are you concerned about the scattered nature of your data across various systems, formats, and teams? Do you lack the resources to edit, clean up, and enrich your current product information?

Worry not. We have a large team of chemical information experts with years of experience in managing and enhancing product information for numerous suppliers. Additionally, we implement AI tools to expedite these processes and implement rigorous validation processes to ensure the final data's quality. You do not need to spend weeks hiring complex, hybrid profiles. With our expertise, you need not add new fixed costs to your P&L.

3. ionicPIM, our chemical-specific Product Information Management system 

Selecting a Product Information Management system is easy. Selecting THE right PIM for your industry-specific and company-specific needs, designed for your current and future usages can prove challenging.

ionicPIM has been designed by chemical professionals for chemical professionals. 

The system offers all the core functionalities of generalist PIMs, but with a specialized focus on the unique demands of the chemical sector.

4. Your own PIM, your own Data, your strategic freedom of use 

While other PIMs may claim to be industry-specific, their hidden goal is to monetize. In lieu of a genuine PIM you might get the back-office of a marketplace, with the justification of free leads. 

In lieu of leveraging your own data, you may end-up “renting” pre-existing data also used by others, with the argument that it is a faster solution.

Similarly, you might find yourself repurposing templates not precisely tailored to your specific company needs.

Would you accept LinkedIn as your company CRM? Or would you rather own your key business data ?

Your future Product Master Data (PMD) needs to be YOUR OWN PMD. ionicPIM is a stand-alone software, detached from any marketplace or digital channel, including SpecialChem. This ensures a maximum performance in your future usages (traffic from SEO, avoiding duplicate content) and a grants you a high level of strategic freedom.  

5. Our chemical specific templates, attributes, lists 

You future PMD needs a subtle balance between your specific needs and industry-wide standards. ionicPIM offers many pre-set templates that align with the most common practices in the industry.

These templates are tailored to the chemical sector because you do not showcase, sell or buy Plastics & Elastomers like Pharma ingredients, you do not buy specialty chemicals on specs like commodities, and you do not look for same features between polymers and pigments. 

These templates come with all the attributes (fields to be populated) and lists (referred to as taxonomies or nomenclatures) that are specific to our industry.  Creating that framework independently could take several months, with no guarantee of being exhaustive or accurate at the first attempt. With ionicPIM, you gain access to these resources from day one, saving you valuable time and effort.

6. Unique & chemical-specific features 

ionicPIM has been developed to solve the specific pains of chemical producers and distributors. It incorporates a range of features that have been directly designed to cater to their unique needs: 

  1. Formulations management: offering capabilities to effectively manage formulation-related data, like mixing procedures, compositions...
  2. Digital Asset Management: store all documents, pictures, videos and digital assets in a central location.
  3. TDS automatic generator: generate TDS in a single click, directly from the data stored within ionicPIM  
  4. Producers-to-distributor connectivity: reducing time spent in never-ending email communications 
  5. Private catalog for your distributors: producers can provide their distributors with a dedicated, customized mini-catalog, enhancing their knowledge of the products. 

These features, along with numerous others, are thoughtfully integrated into ionicPIM. We invite you to explore these capabilities further in a private demo.

 7. ionicCatalog: an online catalog on your website 

Once your ionicPIM instance is set-up and running, a simple button click is all it takes to generate your online catalog and integrating it into your website within an hour. 

This modern, chemical-specific catalog instantly elevates your customers' experience and triggers new interactions, answering to the growing preference for self-serve experiences among customers.

8. The modularity of an ecosystem: 

With ionicPIM, you not only acquire a software solution, but also gain access to extensions such as ionicCatalog or the complete eCommerce suite from Agilis, along with services like product edition.

This ecosystem is designed to continually evolve and expand. Selecting ionicPIM is not only buying a piece of software, it also involves benefiting from a dynamic and evolving ecosystem.

9. We do the integration for you: 

In the case of ionicPIM, we possess deep industry expertise, allowing us to serve as both the software provider and integrator. This eliminates any potential misalignment between pre-sales discussions and implementation. With this approach you gain an extra peace of mind, and we gain agility in delivering customized solutions right to your hands.

10. Your ability to influence our roadmap of features 

Do you have access to the Product Managers of HubSpot or Salesforce? Probably not. In the case on ionicPIM, you have direct line of contact with the Product Manager who decides the future features.

And if you really need a specific feature that does not exist today in ionicPIM, we will attentively listen to your needs. Specific features, often seen as distractions and dilution of resources by generalist software providers, are highly valued in the case of ionicPIM. 

As a result, companies adopting the ionicPIM solutions see 3 immediate benefits: 

  • SPEED: Clients get their PMD much faster, avoiding delays in hiring staff and designing integrations. They speak to only one team of experts.

  • QUALITY: By having a PMD of great quality from day one, Clients can execute their objectives without iterations, leveraging a reliable single source of truth. This ensures their strategic freedom compared to alternative solutions.

  • MONEY: The rapid implementation, ability to capture all the anticipated business value and reduced hiring or staffing costs significantly secure and enhance the Clients' ROI.

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About ionicPIM: 

ionicPIM is a unique solution brought by SpecialChem and Agilis. We empower chemical suppliers to create their own Product Master Data (PMD) swiftly and confidently. We offer the first chemical-specific, stand-alone PIM software and its online catalog, together with the knowledge of chemical experts capable of organizing, cleaning, and editing extensive sets of product information, from any formats and sources. We have established the world’s most comprehensive Product Master Data of commercially-available chemicals featuring 350,000 products from 6,000 producers amassed for more than 20 years on, and our software solutions are currently utilized by leading chemical companies on five continents. 

Christophe Cabarry

Christophe is the Founder & CEO of SpecialChem. After more than two decades of full dedication developing the world’s leading Material Selection Platform, Christophe has become one of the prominent thought leaders on digitalization of the chemical industry.Before launching SpecialChem, he held various positions in sales, marketing, business development, and purchasing over his eight years with Elf Atochem (now Arkema), both in France and in Germany. Christophe holds a Master Degree from the Ecole Centrale de Paris and an MBA from the Toulouse Business School”

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