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The industry-specific PIM that unlocks chemicals digitalization

Mastering information management is at the core of digitalization. Support sales and marketing efforts, enrich product catalogs and align producers and distributors with a centralized product data and document management system powered by ionicPIM

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Collect & Enrich

  • Collaborative product edition
  • Multi-sources imports
  • Industry-specific product views
  • Product enrichment

Centralized product edition

  • One centralized repository for marketing, sales, digital, product management, regulatory, laboratory and communication to gather product information
  • User-friendly and intuitive interface
  • Clearly defined roles and permissions

Import of product information from a variety of sources

  • Mass import of structured product data and documentation from a variety of sources: ERP, MDM, structured files
  • Direct product import from producers' ionicPIM into distributors'
  • Manual data editing through user-friendly interfaces

One product, multiple industries, multiple descriptions

  • Ability to edit industry-specific attributes for each product
  • Industry-specific product experience for customers

Going beyond technical data sheets

  • Possibility to attach digital assets to each product (pdf, images, videos, etc.)
  • SEO-enhancing expressions stored at product level

Distribute with high connectivity

  • High connectivity
  • Multi-level access rights
  • Digital systems & channels settings
  • Product Information Exchange Model

Internal teams, customers, distributors, IT systems and digital channels to feed with your product data

  • Ability to view product information directly in ionicPIM
  • Possibility to define individual access rights for internal teams, customers and distributors
  • Mastered distribution

Different levels of data consumption

Ability to View vs. Download vs. Connect PIM-to-PIM defined at Company and/or User levels.

Synchronization of product data with digital systems & channels

  • Setup and manage data feeding to both your internal (corporate websites, customer portals etc.) and external channels (SpecialChem, marketplaces, etc.)
  • Setup and manage data feeding of  your IT systems (CRM, ERP, sales enablement tools, catalogs, eCommerce portals including Agilis', etc.) 

An embedded Product Information Exchange Model for instant connection

Native ability to connect your ionicPIM instance with the one of your partner's (distributor or producer) thanks to our embedded Product Information Exchange Model.

Preconfigured for chemicals

  • Chemical-specific product data model
  • Preconfigured nomenclatures
  • Chemical producer <> distributor connections
  • Product data editing staff available

A preconfigured chemicals-specific product template

  • Ready-to-use product templates to ease and speed up PIM adoption
  • Possible to describe a product differently by targeted market
  • Preconfigured data fields (CAS Nbr., etc.)

Pre-built chemicals-specific nomenclatures

  • Dozens of fully populated lists corresponding to the big attributes of chemicals (Industries, Applications, Claims & benefits, INCI names, Properties, Conversion Modes, etc.)
  • Several thousands of attributes describing each big industry
  • Ability to create your own lists on the basis of the preconfigured ones

Natural connectivity between producers & distributors

  • Ease of connecting producers and distributors of chemicals thanks to the ionicPIM Product Information Exchange Model
  • Information entered into ionicPIM respecting this model is automatically synchronized with other ionicPIM instances

Product information input support by ionicPIM experts

  • Possibility to get support from ionicPIM data entry staff to feed your PIM
  • Specialized staff with industry and data management knowledge

Part of Your Digital Journey

  • Dense roadmap of features
  • Digital Marketing with SpecialChem
  • Digital Commerce with Agilis

A continuous delivery of new features

  • Continued development and innovation to bring you new features and capabilities
  • Development of a series of connectors and applications

Natural connectivity with world's leading material selection platform

  • Easy synchronization of your product information with the SpecialChem platform
  • Always up-to-date product set, product data and product documentation
  • More information displayed on SpecialChem ("Where to buy", etc.)
  • Easy plugging into digital marketing

Integrate with your branded commerce portal on Agilis

Easy synchronization of your product commerce portal on Agilis 

Powered by Agilis & SpecialChem

An information system designed BY and FOR chemicals professionals

ionicPIM is the product of collaboration between SpecialChem, world’s leading material selection platform, and Agilis, the premier provider of digital commerce solutions for the chemical industry. Both companies were founded by seasoned industry professionals with experience of working for companies such as Arkema and BASF, with a mission to bring digital buying, selling, promoting, and information management practices to chemical producers and distributors.

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