Understanding Product Master Data (PMD) - Video Blog

Is collecting all your product data in one location sufficient to say that you've created a Product Master Data?

What precisely is it, and what elements are needed to construct a high-performing PMD that can transform your company's product data management?

Watch to learn more about PMD. 


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Christophe Cabarry

Christophe is the Founder & CEO of SpecialChem. After more than two decades of full dedication developing the world’s leading Material Selection Platform, Christophe has become one of the prominent thought leaders on digitalization of the chemical industry.Before launching SpecialChem, he held various positions in sales, marketing, business development, and purchasing over his eight years with Elf Atochem (now Arkema), both in France and in Germany. Christophe holds a Master Degree from the Ecole Centrale de Paris and an MBA from the Toulouse Business School”

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