Why is Product Master Data (PMD) so critical for chemical companies - Video Blog

Recent years brought a swift change in technical buyer behavior. The big majority of users is seeking information online. The recent trends  impact organizations and make centralized product information a necessity.

Here are three reasons why:

  • #1 Serve the digitalizing customer

  • #2 Enable Sales

  • #3 Tackle product info boom

#1 Product Master Data is critical to serve the digitalizing customer
Changing digital habits means new expectations from your customers & the need for consistent info across all digital channels.


#2 Product Master Data can digitally enable sales
Achieving success in a digital landscape requires a centralized hub of accurate product information. A single source of truth.


#3 Product Master Data helps tackle the product information boom
The rapid growth in regulatory compliance and sustainability demands necessitates an increased amount of product information like never before.



Looking for more details ? See our latest blog on the topic.

Christophe Cabarry

Christophe is the Founder & CEO of SpecialChem. After more than two decades of full dedication developing the world’s leading Material Selection Platform, Christophe has become one of the prominent thought leaders on digitalization of the chemical industry.Before launching SpecialChem, he held various positions in sales, marketing, business development, and purchasing over his eight years with Elf Atochem (now Arkema), both in France and in Germany. Christophe holds a Master Degree from the Ecole Centrale de Paris and an MBA from the Toulouse Business School”

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